Society for the true & accurate representation of South Asian culture

In this “line of work” it’s the little things that start to grate on you. In articles describing our music, more often that not, South Asia is described as South East Asia. Journalists (are they still called that) please do your job. Look at a map. It’s simple grade school geography (well at least outside of the US it is.) My grammar might not be spot on but I’m not paid to write articles. For those that are not in the know, South Asia includes Afghanistan (thought it was the “Middle East” didn’t you?) Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh & The Maldives.

btw, Sufis don’t carry knives, Sikhs do. It’s called a kirpan.

India 2010: I went searching for some more beats

What’s record shopping you say? I realize I’m quite old fashioned. I still write letters, I still read books. & I’m still a beat digger. (mind you not everything is online…) Turning up albums I’ve never seen, heard or read about is at the heart of what I do, whether I’m shopping in Jackson Heights or Amritsar…


My top 5 (err, 6) best albums of the year…

The list I gave the Portland Mercury for their Year in Lists

DJ Anjali
1. Miss Pooja—Romantic Jatt
2. Sean Paul—Imperial Blaze
3. Northern Lights—Relit
4. Swami—53431
5. (tie) Soulico—Exotic on the Speaker; Major Lazer—Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do

My Favorite Song of 2009:
Diljit Dosanjh—”Panga”



photo & design by Tracy Harrison

Every November we celebrate 2 anniversaries…
This Sat we mark 6 years of ATLAS at Holocene.

When we started ATLAS in 2003 we knew we wanted to create a night where all of our diverse influences came together.
ATLAS is dedicated to presenting the gritty urban music whose production and traditions are not limited by American borders.

“Global beats” (a phrase that still makes us cringe) is commonly mentioned by many a DJ.
ATLAS is the crew that knows their history & does the research.

Marketing teams & less informed individuals continue to feed the masses what can be easily digested as “Third World,” “Orientalist” & “Downtempo ethnotechno.”
ATLAS exists to give you a lesson in dance geography & urban beats from the global diaspora.

As we continue to resist sonic mono culture, we’d like to thank you for supporting us…



w/ resident dj’s

+ live visuals
+ tres leches cake

ATLAS is Holocene’s longest-running dance party, inaugurated in
November of 2003. ATLAS is hosted every second Saturday by resident DJs
Anjali, E3 and The Incredible Kid. ATLAS exists to present the gritty
urban music whose production and traditions are not limited by American
borders. Hosted by the crew that first introduced the Portland club
audience to genres such as 2step, Balkan Beats, Bhangra, Urban Desi,
Funk Carioca, Kuduro, Mambo, Rai’n’B, Reggada and Reggaeton. Atlas is
THE Portland club night dedicated to exposing the latest electronic
sounds emerging from the global diaspora. Atlas is the ONLY night of
its kind in Portland and has been going strong for 6 years!!

9PM – 2:30AM
$5 (21 & OVER ONLY)
1001 SE MORRISON 97214