Diwali Fundraiser for Pakistan

Event Details

  • Date: October 22, 2022
  • Time: 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
  • Venue:  The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center
    2500 SE 26th Ave.
    Portland, Oregon 97202

Diwali Fundraiser for Pakistan OR Anniversary Fundraiser for Pakistan
Date/Time: 10/22, 1-4pm
Join DJ Anjali, Tara Sonali Miller, and Kusum Rao (Ruchikala) for a day of yoga, bollywood dance, and snacks. Tara will guide a slow and steady yoga class to warm up our bodies and get the blood flowing, then Anjali will lead a Bollywood dance lesson that brings you through a whole journey into the sweet and complex narratives of Bollywood dance, we’ll integrate all the movement and fun through Kusum’s soothing guidance in restorative yin yoga, and we’ll finish with Ruchikala’s signature bites.
More about each activity:
Slow and Steady Yoga with Tara

Our first hour will be a slow-paced, yet heat building yoga class. We’ll practice deep embodied listening, build warmth together through breath and movement, and close with gentle unwinding, rest, and release to get our bodies and beings ready for dancing.

Bollywood Dance with Anjali

The second hour will be a Bollywood dance lesson with our fantastic old friend DJ Anjali, with her amazing instruction, laughter and incredible energy as she guides you through a whole journey into the sweet and complex narratives of Bollywood dance.

Restorative Yin with Kusum

Our last hour together will be a deeply restorative, meditative stretching class. We’ll use the support of blankets, bolsters and blocks to comfortably ground in the body for long held poses. This accessible yin class will focus on embodiment and deep rest as we send light and aid to Pakistan.


Snacks by Ruchikala

Ruchikala will provide awe inspiring signature bites of their whimsical layered spicy fare. Veg+ vegan options will be available.

Proceeds will be donated to support flood relief and climate disaster relief in Pakistan. https://www1.hhrd.org/Campaigns/Pakistan-Relief/Pakistan-Flood-Relief
Cost: Suggested donation: $25-$100
Format (livestream and/or in-person): Hybrid – livestream and in person
What should attendees have or bring?: water, comfortable clothing