Jungle Spaceship Ball


LA’s International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival & THE WAACKERS Present:

Oct. 29th @ HOLOCENE
$5 | Participants
$10 | Spectators


“Bringing fantom unicorn events disguised as Ball culture riding an elevated platform of self expression by way of creativity to Portland, Oregon.” – Kumari Suraj

Categories Descriptions: (costume photo inspirations posted below)

1. Vogue Performance OTA – You’re the clan leader of the indigenous Mystic Elements tribe from the outer rings of planet, Werk Bitch! Harness the power of your tribal Vogue Performance and bring your elements to the runway to snatch those 10s.

2. Sex Siren Male & Female Figure – You are the ULTIMATE extraterrestrial Sex Fantasy!! Let your sexual imagination run wild with your costume. Be the fantasy we all see in our dreams and bring it to the runway to collect your 10s.

3. Waacking OTA – Jungle Warrior from the ancient space Kingdom of Malava. You’re trained in various combat arts. You’re arm movements reminiscent of using a light saber. Waack those saber arms to number one to snatch a trophy from jungle Queen Azteca herself!

4. DragKing Realness (WOMEN ONLY) – The only heir to the throne of the male dominated dynasty of the Butch Galaxy. To ensure the safety of your Galaxy you pose as “Prince Macho” . With all the outward appearance of male gender stereotypes you chose to reign with exaggeratedly macho space Prince style. Show us your most Princely performance with a space age twist for those 10s!

5. Fancy Dress OTA – Deep Space Royalty – You don’t dance but your costume making skills speak for themselves! Bring it to the judges “Star Wars Jungle Spaceship” realness style. Inspired by anything from your inner Queen Amidala of Naboo or a member of her royal court to your inner Queen of the Disco, Grace Jones. Let your inner grandeur go OVER THE TOP to walk the runway and grab your 10s.

Host: Alexis Campbell Starr
Category Emcee: Dashaun Wesley
Grand Prize: Trophies & SWAG \ category

Kumari Suraj – The Waackers, IHOAP (PDX)
Dashaun Wesley – House of Lanvin (NYC)
Lorena V – The Waackers, IHOAP (MEXICO)
JaRon Fame – (D.C)

DJs: ComputerFam & Anjali – PDX
Live Dhol Drum Performance: Malinder Tooray – LAX

8pm Category Registration
9pm Doors
10pm-12am Competition
12am DJ Anjali
1am Dj ComputerFam

***OTA: Open to all regardless of gender orientation
**Female & Male Figure – Must represent the sexuality of the female or male form, whether Woman/Man, Trans or Drag, regardless of gender at birth.
**DragKing: You are a woman but, everyone sees you as a man.

” In the jungle night mirrors I can see my true reflection. She is delighted. She is man. God. Mother. Deviant. She is spirit. In the dark plum night sky I can bathe nude in the light of the stars, practicing true form.

As a collective we have found that our greatest purpose on this earth is to spread knowledge. Knowledge is art. We have been all over this planet seeking this knowledge for a night like this. To share the Jungle Spaceship Ball with you, aliens, animals and earthlings alike. What is realness? What is vogue? How, oh mighty universe, shall I strike that pose?”
– Akela Jaffi of THE WAACKERS

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Date(s) -   Thursday, October 29th
9:00 pm - 2:00 am


1001 SE Morrison St.

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