Bollywood Gets Obscene

I listen to lots of music that makes frequent use of Anglo-Saxon words, but I didn’t expect “foul” language from Bollywood songs until recently.  2008 is the year Bollywood songs began to feature English obscenities. As far as I can tell, Hard Kaur apparently gets the credit for the first use of the word “bitch” in a Bollywood song for her performance in “Move Your Body Now (Remix)” from the Kismat Connection soundtrack.  But, I’m not 100% sure of this, because it may have been another Bollywood song where I first heard her utter that slur.  Close on the heels of that soundtrack, C Kkompany’s first song features the observation “Life is a bitch.”  But the clear winner in the upping the cuss word ante in Bollywood is Mission Istanbul which begins by screaming “bullshit” a bunch and only gets more obscene from there.  What this means is that I now have to pay extra close attention on our KBOO radio show when playing current Bollywood songs, since it is before 10pm, and thus subject to FCC restrictions on language content.   I remember when (much to my regret, as I hate bleeps, and have no problem with Anglo-Saxon terminology) even Panjabi songs would bleep out the Anglo-Saxon words uttered by their foul mouthed guest rappers, but they got over that years ago.  Now even Bollywood music is eligible for a parental advisory sticker.  No shit.


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