sleeper.jpgSo, thank you to Mr. Pena I am three trades into the Sleeper series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. I remember Ed from back in his “Lowlife” days and actually met him in Seattle way back when through the esteemed Mr. Pinkham. Back then he was all anti-superhero/mainstream comics so it’s funny to see him writing just such comics for Marvel and DC these days. He’s even next up on Daredevil. I’m curious to see where he takes DD post-Bendis.

I didn’t like the superhero elements in Sleeper when I first started it. I thought they were distracting from what could have been a good straight forward double agent/black OPs story. Three trades in things seem more integrated and part of a whole. I’m hoping the payoff at the end will do it for me. The ending of the Bendis DD run didn’t really do much for me. It didn’t seem like an ending or a new beginning but just a continuing story now handed off to someone else. I’ll go back and read a long chunk of it again at some point. I find that it is much easier for a writer to keep me interested and reading than it is to really blow my mind with a satisfying ending. Here’s hoping Mr. Brubaker has something quality in store for me.

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