Thanks for attending Bollywood Horror V

There are a million things to do in Portland on Halloween weekend, so I want to thank everyone who chose to come out to Bollywood Horror V. I am well aware of all the house parties going on, all the other club nights, and the massive rave-style events, so I am very grateful that so many people choose to come dance at our Halloween party every year. Thank you to all of those who dressed up, including the “Dick In a Box” guys, Inspector Gadget, and “Elliott Riding On a Bicycle with ET in Front of the Moon” (the clear winner of the costume contest). I held off on posting this entry for awhile because I had a lot of points I wanted to make, including generalizations about the difference between Desi and gora taste in South Asian dance music, the love affair Panjabis have with Jazzy B, and the indifference and confusion demonstrated by everyone else, the lackluster crowd response to “Heyy Babyy” (Bollywood Horror in effect) and “Main Hoon Don” no matter how many requests are made for them, etc. The important thing is thanking everyone who came down and made the party so great. Thanks. Start planning your costume for Bollywood Horror VI.

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