wobbly party update


Just wanted to drop a note for those who were curious about what happened to the Portland Wobbly (re-formation) 10th anniversary party. Did Lil’ Pete and The Incredible Kid tear down the house? Well, Anjali and I were very late to get up that day and after we took care of errands we didn’t get to the party until after 12:30am. The party was full of people who had already tucked many hours of inebriation into their belts. I saw friends with new eyes, as in they had new eyes, crossing in drunkenness. Anjali swears a bunch of people on the porch were making fun of “bad Panjabi folk music” but I think it was in her head. Especially because one of the porch-sitters was a big fan of ours. There was a chorus of “Here comes Bhangra” which was very annoying for Anjali. “What, am I walking Bhangra?” she asked me.  Would people say “Here comes Rap,” if it was a Hip-hop DJ?  I went on after Carny Jerkwater who was playing a very interesting mix including some grime and some Panjabi fusion that I thought was from the new Rishi Rich and Anjali thought was from the new Jinx. Either way, somebody’s keeping up on their shit, and we were impressed. We had missed Lil’ Pete whose set reportedly featured some political dub. Anjali was not doing too well so she left the DJ duties up to me. I crashed around awkwardly on the DJ equipment for some time before we called it a night. I had all this revolutionary Hip-hop I wanted to play and then spent my whole set not being able to find most of it. I wasn’t sure if I was overlooking it, or had accidentally left it at home. I have to shout-out Sharon the Red Baron (My favorite KWVA DJ back when I was on the station.) for making an appearance. Thanks to Todd for making it all possible.

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