With a name like Gitanjali (song offering) you’d think she was born to play records. Made in India & born in Oregon, Anjali started DJing after watching too many boys run the soundtrack at house parties. From years spent studying the classical styles of Kathak & Bharat Natyam, Anjali eventually became a cheerleader of the Panjabi folk forms bhangra & giddha. Through her love of dance, her compulsive record buying and music obsession Anjali saw herself as the dancer’s dj.

Since her Portland debut in 2000, DJ Anjali has existed as the city’s primary advocate and dance missionary for the many varied electronic sounds of the South Asian/desi diaspora. She introduced “bhangra” & “Bollywood” to the dance floors of Portland and is also known for throwing down dancehall, hiphop, reggaeton & global bass in her sets. Well-known as a dance floor instigator, she & her partner, The Incredible Kid, hold down several Portland party originals: ANDAZ (est. 2002) & Tropitaal (est. 2013) as well as 2 weekly radio shows: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush (Tues 10pm -midnight) & CHOR BAZAAR (Thurs 7-8pm PST.)

Anjali has been teaching Bhangra & Bollywood at The Viscount Dance Studio since January 2013. Her first dance inspiration was her Indian Mum, who is classically trained in Kathak and was a student of the famed Gopi Krishna.

Photo by Zackary J. Perry