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Here is a post I started about May’s Atlas event, followed by sketchy notes about what I remembered from the different DJ sets. It’s been sitting unfinished for nearly a month, so here is something, rather than nothing.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Atlas last night. When I woke up and saw grey, overcast skies, I wasn’t sure how many people were going to bother to leave their homes and come down to the club in the evening. I had spent all week listening to stacks of CDs purchased during our last New York visit in preparation for Atlas. As we were getting ready to leave for Holocene I had already mostly packed my bags when I spied the stack of new discs off by themselves, and realized I had almost left them. It was only as I was on stage performing that I realized that even after almost forgetting them, I actually did forget them. Apparently after having noticed them set aside, and moving the stack, they never did make it into my DJ bag. This was quite upsetting as all of my preparation was focused on these new CDs that didn’t even make it to the gig. I had even commented to Anjali on the way to the gig that there was all this music from the last few months that was still really new to me that I had ignored in favor of the new new material from NYC. It was this unprepared and unrefreshed new (but not new new) material that faced me as I tried to pick out songs onstage. It was very disconcerting and unbalancing to have to pick out an entirely different set of material than what I had been planning to present.

One really cool thing about the night was how late everyone stayed. When I went on for my second set I was convinced I’d be clearing a large number of people with my audio perversity, but the crowd hung on tenaciously, even when the theme of my set seemed to be centered on how much silence I could insert between tracks. I opened my second set with a “sexytime” Borat speech, but there was such a lack of audible response from the crowd that I’m not sure how many people heard/understood what was happening.
Anjali set 1
State of Bengal?
Nitin Sawhney
Raqstar Music


Asian downtempo
Amsterdam Klezmer Band

The Incredible Kid set 1

New Fanfare
Balkan beat comps
Vaqueros surf
Alexis y Fido
Calle 13 first disk
Bonde do Role
Dam track
Slower track off new Said Mrad
Elephant Man Hurr
Busta Flex(2nd set?)

Tru Skool 8
Manak E Boliyan

E3 set 1

Elephant Man RDB
Balkan Stuff

Anjali set 2

JB Tru skool
Panjabi Garage, 2-step, DnB,
Untouchables UK

The Incredible Kid set 2
Borat speech
Edu K
Rang Barse remix
Under pressure baile
F242 Baile
Jags Heer
Tito “mia”(1st set?)
Northern Lights
Lehmber Mitran

Shinda soniye DNB

E3 2

Middle-East DNB Mashup by E3!
Middle-Eastern DNB tune
French Hip-hop
Ishq Naag reggaeton? 1st set?
bhangra song

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