MIA on 95.5


I only listen to the radio for a few minutes here and there in the car each week to see if there might possibly be anything new and exciting. While Anjali and I were flyering the West suburbs for the Bollywood Horror party we heard MIA’s “Galang” on 95.5 twice when we tuned in!! It’s taken three years but now that song is getting mainstream exposure in the USA. I guess she IS opening for Gwen Stefani. Well it happened a little faster than it did for Panjabi MC’s “Mundian to Bach Ke,” although to hear the radio announcer tell it MIA is little more decipherable to American listeners than Labh Janjhua.

Pinoy rap on 95.5

What the …? Listening to 95.5 in the car on Saturday and I heard a Filipino rap song not once, but twice?? Initial searchings haven’t come up with anything but I assume it won’t be too hard to find out what this song is before long. Pinoy rap in Tagalog on mainstream hiphop radio?? Holy shit! Any info? Please let me know.