Andaz returns 1/31/09

Thank you to everyone who came down to celebrate our return to the Fez Ballroom on Saturday night.  We had our largest attendance ever, with 556 people paid by the end of the night.  The Fez capacity is only 349, so my apologies to those of you who had to wait a while in the cold before you could get in. We actually reached capacity by 10:45pm.  I got a report that throughout the night hundreds of people gave up after waiting in line beyond what their patience would tolerate.  I’m sorry we could not accomodate all of you.  I want people warm and dancing, not cold and waiting, but our capacity is limited to what the fire marshal will allow.  Anjali and I have not taken a break from our monthly Andaz parties in five years, so thanks for welcoming us back after we took December off.  It means a lot to us that you show us so much suppport, and it inspires us to find more hot, hot music with which to burn your feet.

Thank you, everyone.


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