Bollywood Horror Blowout

Holy hellaciousness, Batman! Bollywood Horror III was a tremendous success. We had our largest crowd at the Fez Ballroom, ever! 450 people through the doors meant an early sellout and a mob of 40 restless would-be party attenders gathered on the sidewalk. Our apologies to those who had to wait to get in, but there was plenty of room before 10:30pm, so all I can say is get there early for our 3 Year Anniversary in November. We’ve even enlisted Bay area Bhangra dance instructor Joti Singh for an early dance lesson as if you needed any more enticement.

Thank you to everyone who came out for making it such an insane party. Mercy Corps will be receiving a chunk of change due to the night’s success so you can all feel good and tingly about your commited partying. Whew. Anjali is DJing a Divali function today and I’m working an evening shift in addition so I’m already looking forward to my next chance to sleep. And that “whu-whu-whu, whu-whu whu” pressure fluctuations in my ears is just too much.

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