bollywood horror iv


Wow, what a night. Dancing until 3am AFTER the clocks had been set back an hour. People didn’t want to leave either. Sorry about not being able to get around to the “Kalion Ka Chaman” request. The workers need to rest! I am glad that someone suggested Nazia Hassan (and I even got in a twofer). Thanks to everybody who came out and danced. It was a long night for us. It was our third gig in a row after working a week of day shifts so I think I have only begun to recover. Thank you to everyone who dressed up. Thank you to Anjali for hosting the costume contest, as well as our “judges” and the lovely Miss Jeevan Singh. If you were missing the Bhangra hip-hop mashups, well, what can I say. The world of Indian dance music is huge (even just focusing on Hindi and Panjabi music) and you can’t get around to everything every time. That is how I always feel after Andaz. And there are so many new Bollywood songs I love that I overlook so many each time. Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful party. Please come back for our four year anniversary in November.


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