Bollywood Vinyl


Raj from wrote me recently. He was reading my blog and wanted to make me aware of his site. I haven’t ordered from it yet, so I can’t comment on that, but it certainly is cool to look through all the record sleeve images. Anjali and I are so backlogged with hundreds of un-listened-to Bollywood records from previous record shopping expeditions that I can only see myself buying more right now if it is a specific record I want, or a really good deal. I highly recommend the practice, however. Buying lots of Bollywood vinyl, that is. One interesting thing about the site is that they carry dozens of records from the ’90s, despite the fact that I had been previously informed by an Indian music distributor that no Bollywood vinyl was pressed after 1989. The ’90s vinyl soundtracks on offer seem obscure, and I certainly don’t recognize any big hits. It is interesting to note that these records exist. The site even has a section for records pressed after 2000, but all that is in that section is a fabulously expensive triple vinyl Veer Zara set. Thanks for writing, Raj.


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