Do Not Miss Maraca in Portland : Thursday, September 25th

Go see Maraca!  Years ago I went to a Portland State University Summer concert event in the South Park blocks featuring the band Maraca from Cuba. Lead flautist Orlando “Maraca” Valle’s group blew my mind.  I have not seen a better Latin band since.  I was so impressed I paid an exorbitant amount to see them play again that evening, at the old Holiday Inn on NE Broadway to a miniscule crowd of a few dozen.  I don’t think the evening show received much of any publicity at all.  The band were still great, but seemingly deflated by the lack of an audience.  While they played in the sun earlier in the day, numerous dancers twirled away under the trees, and that vibe far surpassed the empty American blandness of the Holiday Inn conference room.  Their upcoming show may be at the Roseland Theater, and not an outdoor venue, but it is being highly promoted, and I expect their will be a large crowd of motivated dancers.  I highly recommend this show to any fan of Latin music. You can buy your tickets here.



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