As you may have gathered from previous posts I am definitely feeling the new Beyonce. I may hate half the songs, but if there are two or more songs I love on a disc then it is a pretty good disc as far as I’m concerned and I love at least half of “B’day.” I even like some of the ballads and I have never liked a Beyonce ballad before. I wish Jay-Z had stayed retired, however. I don’t think he did her any favors by appearing on “B’day.” It really makes me think his un-retirement record is going to be a very sad affair. I wish Def Jam was putting out the new infinitely-delayed Foxy Brown CD instead. What did I read? That she now has hearing problems? Last I heard Jay-Z was so excited about the tracks for her new album that he was rhyming on several of them but hearing his latest work makes me think that is for the worse.

I find Beyonce’s lyrical obsessions bizarre and troubling. “I’m gonna do for you what Martin did for the people.” Martin Luther King was a hero because he bought the people all sorts of baubles and luxury items? I am introduced to brands and labels of status items I would never know about otherwise. Current favorite songs : “Get Me Bodied” “Upgrade U” “Green Light” “Irreplaceable”


PS Beyonce and Jay-Z are my favorite celebrity couple, even if Jay-Z needs to stop rhyming and focus on his day job of putting out awesome records like the new Roots “Game Theory.”


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