Listening to old music can be kill(!)er

I’m not necessarily talking about music that’s any more than a year or two old, just things that have lain around unappreciated only to become alive with a single airing. Music and books both are merely physical objects until experienced and made alive in the spiritual dimension of the individual (Or until they have channeled new pathways in our neuro-electrical network, if you prefer). When closed between record jackets or dustcovers it is far too easy to dismiss the objects as being nothing other than their physical presence. When experienced and absorbed they become a memory library of different consciousnesses and interactive experiences. This internal library will continue to exist with or without the physical presence of the objects. Music and books both work interactively mentally and emotionally with the individual, but music with a strong beat also works interactively in the physical dimension, moving limbs and centers. Fully interactive. Memory, emotion, mood, sanity, neurons, dendrites, muscles, blood, soul.

I’m not saying that books can’t make you stomp your feet or get up and jump up and down or hit something, but rhythmic music consistenly provokes a much more continuous physical response during the exposure period (regardless of the will or consciousness of the individual). Especially at high volumes. Kevin Shields said it was at 135 decibels that he started seeing dramatic physical responses in his crowd. What a chap.

7/10/06 early

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