spankrock does portland


Saw Spankrock at Holocene last night. Far better than the horrible DJ set played by their producer XXXchange several months ago. People definitely turned out and were ready to get down. Naeem said there could be no “drawers” on the dance floor and everyone had to throw them on the stage but no one obliged him. They got into it anyway. There was a Black hype man with Naeem whose name I didn’t catch and two white DJs. Didn’t catch their names either. I’m not entirely convinced of their humorous booty bass but Naeem did actually spit on a couple songs making me wish he would do less moronic couplet repetition and more verses. “White girls shake it til my dick turns racist. Black girls shake it til my dick turns racist” ???WTF I know idiocy is the whole point, but come on. My knowledge and use of English has yet to enable me to see how that is a compliment to anyone. It just sounds stupid. He even turned the music off to re-emphasize those lines and throw in references to Puerto Ricans and Filipinas as well. Some of the beats were nice and I think Naeem has real talent, I’d just like to see him do something other than a joke project. Their set ended with a bunch of girls dancing on stage, which sounds typical, but in all the shows I’ve seen I’ve never seen people getting down as un-self consciously on stage. Good work, Spankrock. Loosen up those Portlanders. Whatever DJ started playing immediately afterwards got me focused with a Baile Funk song but then went into a disco rock-overload song (Gossip remix?) that cleared almost everyone, myself included. Thanks to Scott and Jarkko for the guest slots.

Hopefully our Atlas show at Holocene tonight we’ll go off as well. See you there.


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