The Incredible Kid was too easy on himself

So I was thinking back on my performance at the Brazilian community radio station benefit and realized that I went too easy on myself in my description of my set. I claimed that I kept the dance floor full all night, but I neglected to mention one exception. If you remember one of my prior posts in the “Memorable Dance Floors I Have Cleared” series you may remember the merengue-house version of Kelly Rowland and Nelly’s “Dilemma” by Papi Sanchez. This song is responsible for my most-notorious (to my mind) floor-clearing episode in the history of Atlas. So why oh why would I ever bring, much yet play, this song? Well, despite hating the original song, I have a perverse soft spot for the merengue version. Here I am, DJing an all-Latin and Brazilian set, to an appreciative audience, and I figure that this will probably be one of my only chances to play this song again and see if I can get a positive response.

I played it during a merengue set.

It didn’t work.

Now, I’m not saying I cleared the floor ENTIRELY, but there was only a dancer or two left. There you have it. The unvarnished truth about my performance. Sorry for the priorly-posted uncharacteristically positive review of my performance on that night. It probably won’t happen again.

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