the incredible kid kills himself trying to save cell phone pictures


I just spent grueling hours trying to send cell phone pictures via Bluetooth to my laptop. I often spend far too many hours beating my head against the screen trying to figure out how to accomplish seemingly-simple computer tasks. My cell phone recently went haywire. Cingular then sent me a replacement which was also defective. They then sent me a third phone which seems to be working out OK. However I had a bunch of pictures trapped in my old phone that I wanted to retrieve before shipping it back to Cingular. I had to learn about Bluetooth technology and go buy a Bluetooth “dongle.” (I learned that some computer store clerks use this terminology and some didn’t know what to think when I used the term.) It took me HOURS of going insane and driving Anjali up the wall before I was finally able to succesfully transfer the pictures to my laptop. I have not owned a camera since I was 11 (and I only managed to take two rolls of film in my life) so I have no photos of 99.9% of my existence. Anjali has several cameras but we either forget to ever take them anywhere (especially to gigs) or forget to use them when we have them. The pictures I had taken with my cell phone were some of the only photos I have taken since childhood so I wanted to make sure to preserve them, no matter how low-fi. Since I just spent anguished hours saving these pictures I will share some from my recent Smith Rock hike I took with my brother. Perhaps you will be able to see why they call the one rock “Monkey Face.”




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