The lack of party reviews


For a while now I have been very aware of how little I have been writing about our parties. I wrote a very brief “thank you for coming out” post about our Atlas 4 year anniversary, and I wrote a post about the Junk to Funk after-party. That party occurred November 17th, and I have not posted about a party until February 8th, when I finally finished up my account of our New Year’s Eve party. I wrote nothing about our awesome five year anniversary at the Fez Ballroom where we were fortunate that more than 400 people took time out of their Thanksgiving weekend to come celebrate with us. I wrote nothing about our December Atlas, nothing about our Seattle gig, nothing about our December Andaz show with DJ Rekha, and nothing about our January Atlas and Andaz either. Sometimes I would begin to take a few notes about a party, but then I would lose interest and never get back to it.

This blog is often like a diary that I only choose to write in when I am feeling low. It is as if I set out to chronicle only the troughs of my DJing life. Because truthfully, the last several months of gigs (we’ll ignore the Seattle Curse for now) have been amazing. Huge (if not astoundingly huge) crowds, good vibes, raging energy levels, and, on top of all that,  I have  been relatively pleased with my performances, even in terms of technical matters, which have consumed more of my energies lately. So, a series of great, great parties, and I can’t be bothered to write except for documenting the one party that gets shut down by the cops, and the one that seemed to experience a premature disintegration after a long, awkward start. See a pattern here?

If the party goes well and I feel good about my performance, I write nothing, or at most a brief note thanking people for coming out. If the party goes poorly or has some serious problems, I choose to document it in epic detail. Paints kind of a skewed picture, don’t you think? I would love to write up our absolutely great parties. I would love to write up a set of mine where I thought I performed well. Or would I? Apparently not. Maybe I will get around to posting (or even fleshing out) my notes from some of those great parties. Maybe not. I hope tonight is a great party where I perform well, but after so many months of feeling good about my performances I get worried that a downturn might be around the corner. If so, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.  I will hope for the best.


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