Tired, but I can’t leave you without an update can I?


I’m tired. What else is new? Stayed up very late last night listening to old school Reggaeton and rereading Grant Morrison’s New X-Men line. Yes, it’s the only X-Men I’ve read since the early 80’s because its GRANT MORRISON! Grant, Grant, Grant. You’re the shit.

But how are the gigs, you say? Well, since I last posted we played the first night of our new First Thursday gig at XV, saw Panjabi legend Gurdas Maan in Salem (at the gorgeous Elsinore Theater), and DJed off an on from 6pm until 2am at the PICA 11th Birthday Party. Honestly, I’m too tired and rushed to really get into it right now, but when I see how many of you are checking here everyday I like to at least drop a note.

I’m looking forward to Atlas this Saturday and hoping to drop some new (or new old) stuff for y’all. We’ve also confirmed the line up for Anjali’s Birthday on June 15th. State of Bengal and the Sub Swara DJs from NYC. Do not miss this one. I’ll hopefully write soon to fill you in on more of the latest details.


PS What do you think the chances are that Grant’s run on New X-Men will ever be rereleased with more consistent art and less fill-in issues? I think it would be the first time in history such a move has ever happened. I’d be curious to see it.

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