Too many things to write

6/26/06 Early

Finally home from a long day at work with our KBOO radio show squeezed in between; the day after a 4:30am Andaz bedtime. I had fun covering for Anjali on the first half of our show (more Hindi pop perversity and hard bhangra) but I enjoy the banter a lot more when it’s the two of us. She even got on me for talking over her. Am I that bad? Must exercise verbal self-control, often one of my greatest challenges. I love to talk and I often never run out of things I want to talk about. Tonight with Nomadic Noize and DJ Safi was a perfect example. Imagine being cursed in such a way that the more you like people and the more they interest you the more you talk and the more you talk the more excitable you get and the more you talk and the more you alienate your listeners. The people you like the most will be the most alienated and driven off by a constant stream of idea expectorate. There are people in the world who I love, lost to me, probably still running from my word volleys pursuing them like a band of hornets in their quest for peace and an end to that INFERNAL BARRAGE.

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