a free weekend?


Yes, a weekend without a DJ gig. The first in months. Of course we find ourselves at a club and hanging out with friends and listening to music all night anyway. And, yeah, guess what, I’m tired. Wasted tired. We saw DJ Vadim and One Self last night (Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13 are the MC’s). We got there very late (after 12:30am) and according to Jacob at the door that is when everyone started to arrive. We only caught the last couple songs of their set (and a seemingly spontaneous set of encore songs). Didn’t see DJ Vadim DJing beforehand or our friends DJ Blackmarks and Alter Echo. One Self had the whole club grooving from people at the bar swaying along to almost everyone else fixated on the stage and moving arms according to instructions. Yarah Bravo is the type of super-cute, infectiously energetic female performer that gets everyone focused on her and crushed out, bobbing along. According to our friends Nick and Sung they were much better right before we got there and then some of the newer stuff we ended up catching was apparently not as worked out. There was some really bad singing but they had spirit, pep and energy and the crowd was eating out of their hands. I wish I had caught more to get more of an impression. The bass was tremendously loud and chest-compressing which was awesome and I wish it sounded more like that at our nights at Holocene. Apparently Blackmarks was having some fun before we got there maximizing the bass and causing the windows to rattle. Shame we missed it.


PS I keep trying to write a proper in-depth update and keep being foiled by lack of time. Don’t worry, I’m thinking about all of y’all.

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