tired again with little energy to write too much


Suprise, suprise, tired again. So tired that I am soon to bed despite it being before midnight. Yes, occasionally it does happen. Just got back from seeing “To Catch A Thief” with Anjali. Cary Grant (or Archibald Leach if you prefer) will always be an all-time classic. They don’t write dialogue like that any more.

So, not only do I have no time or energy to write any more about the last several shows but yet another one occurred last week, Atlas. Despite there not being as many people as there have been lately (blame it on the gorgeous, long, summer-like day) it was still a great party with a lot of energy and a lot of dancing. I had a wall of people dancing on the speakers in front of me throughout an entire set. I felt much better about my around-the-world-in-an-hour set than I have at several recent events. I’ve been feeling down about my performances in general lately, and Atlas definitely gave me a boost.


I was so tired I went to bed without even attempting to finish my thoughts. Let me tell you working days and nights makes one a tired fellow. I promise I’ll sit down soon and blast you with something long and worthwhile. Thanks for checking in.


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