charity event overrun by the neophobic

Okay, so I wrote the following post when I first got back from the gig and I was PISSED. I want to say right here that I don’t intend for this to reflect negatively on the sponsors or the many fabulous people who worked the event. The sponsors were very cool in hiring us for the event, it is just unfortunate that so many of the attendees strictly wanted over-heated swill for their dancing pleasure. Blanca was a very professional soundperson. Michael and the staff of Typhoon were very friendly and helpful in securing the few available vegetarian options for the beleagured DJs. Thank you to our friends and fans for softening the blows of the ungrateful crowd.

Now I am fully capable of playing nothing but easily recognizable, 70’s, 80’s, and top 40 hits, but that is not what we were hired to do. We were supposed to play our usual Indian sound with perhaps some other international music thrown in as well. I expected the crowd to mostly request disco, 80’s, Kanye West and 50 Cent and I called that one 100% (Actually 50 Cent was never specifically requested but Luda and Ying Yang Twins were). DJs have the special opportunity to deal with the most aggressive and the most aggressively unhappy people in the room. Despite a full dance floor a DJ can always count on some unhappy person telling them to do something completely different. At this charity event we were fortunate enough to deal with a constant stream of them. PS all of my digs at Ronald McDonald are at his namesake chain of “restaurants” and not his “houses” of which I am admittedly ignorant. If you want some information direct from the houses go to their website:

******Pissed off post-gig venting follows******

Anjali and I just got back from DJing a charity event. It was a benefit for Ronald McDonald Houses of Oregon and Southern Washington. I’m totally ignorant as to what Ronald McDonald does for kids other than feed them poisoned beef. And hoodwinking Hindus into eating beef tallow. Where’s Mangal Pandey when you need him? Anyway, the crowd was mostly as bad as I could possibly imagine. A night full of ignorant shits making lowest common denominator requests for songs of which they are overly familiar. Bunch of fuckin’ sheep. Well, a lot of them now know how much they hate Indian music, if they could even figure out that that’s what Anjali was playing. I have a word for these events. I call them shitfests. No offense to the sponsors who were hip enough to hire us and thought that maybe their crowd was hip enough to dig us. Don’t get me wrong, there were people there excited to see us and very complimentary. Unfortunately they were drowned out by the many insistent requesters of top 40. Anjali was playing the DJ Aqueel remix of Kaja Re and some old white dude came up and asked for something more modern. Modern? Anjali had to explain that the song was from 2005. What a shitfest. A lot of money was raised, so hopefully it won’t go to feeding sick children cattle forced into bovine cannibalism by agri-business. Much respect to Anil and Prasenjit for representing. Thanks to Shayla and Connie for reminding me that it was a fabulous view and pointing out the carved melon flower centerpiece. Respect to the Latina who requested Reggaeton. Reggae-reggae-tony. Oh yeah, the last song (Sangra Vibes “Darshan Kuriya De”) was for me. And just to prove it I completey cleared the dance floor with it. So yeah, it was for me. Fuck all ya’ll.

IK out

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