great dance floors i have cleared


Lately I’ve been thinking how amusing it would be to catalogue some of my all time favorite moments of dance floor clearing. Seeing as how there are some memories that have never left me after many years I figured I could open up the joy to all and share these precious moments with you, dear readers. One of the all-time classics was at an Andaz night at the Fez many years ago. Anjali and I have tinkered with the order of our sets at Andaz over the years. Back in the very beginning I would start off the night and we would alternate every hour with her playing the final set. This story I am about to relate to you explains one of the reasons why I now usually play the last hour of the night. I used to try all sorts of things in the 1am-2am hour that would leave a great deal fewer dancers for Anjali to entertain when she went on for her final set. I can remember playing “Fanaa” from the Yuva soundtrack and discovering just how much the crowd was not looking for any sort of Trance vibe that evening. But this next story was the topper.

The Indian pop star Alisha did an album of Hindi Madonna covers called “Madonna Jadoo” with music by film composer Anu Malik in the early 80’s. Anjali had found a copy covered in dust at Stern’s Music in New York (retail store saddly shuttered now). One listen and I became quite enamored. We have always had a crowd composed at least partially of older-than-average clubgoers. I thought I would be sure to blow some minds both for busting out some old Alisha and some crazy Madonna cover action as well. So proud I was of this idea that I got on the mic and loudly asked “Yo, we got any Alisha fans in the house?” as the strains of some early Madonna cover (Burning Up? Papa Don’t Preach? Can’t remember now.) drifted out of the speakers. There were probably 250 dancers at this point. I watched 200 of them immediately file for the exits. Not leave the dance floor. Not stop to take a breather. Not head to the bar for a final drink. Bolt for the fucking doors. Cleared the place the fuck out. All I could do was stare transfixed as the great cattle stampede headed down the stairs. So if you ever wonder why the Kid is playing the filmi classics during the 2am slot these days, now you know. Thank you Anjali for humoring me in my long and stumbling learning process.


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