musics I really wish someone would educate me about AKA I can’t find out everything about everything on my own

I’m basically interested in just about any sound ever recorded but lately my fiercest interest has been the collision of electronics and breakbeats with musical traditions throughout the world. I am especially interested in any form that the hip-hop virus has taken around the globe. Having said that these are areas in which I am particularly interested in learning and hearing much more than I do currently:

Tamil and Telegu film songs (and other South Indian hits)


Kwaito and every other style of African hip-hop (there are 1000s of artists with minimal distribution)

Russian Pop (especially the Middle-Eastern sounding club stuff I
heard at an Armenian Gyro cart in downtown Portland)

All eras of French Hip-hop

The crazy J-Pop and K-Pop Casiocity has played for me

Chutney Soca

Bangladeshi Pop

Dancehall Riddims

Garage Rap to Grime

Older Bhangra hits from the 80’s and farther back

Bootleg Hindi remixes THAT DON”T SUCK!!! (I’ve got thousands that do.)

Sri Lankan hip-hop

Any help in these or other areas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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