indo-canadian comic comes to Portland

Anjali and I are seeing Russell Peters tonight at the Crystal Ballroom. Yay, a Saturday night without a gig! Revel in these rare occurences. It might not have been that way. We had been hearing about Russell Peters for some time but only started checking him out online in the last couple months (Thank you, Racecar!). The day after we had watched a bunch of his clips on youtube we got a call from the production company putting on the Portland show about forming a “promotional alliance” for handling the after party. Well, we explained to them that we promote events because we are DJs and we promote the events we DJ. They were looking to put “Anjali and the Kid” on all their advertising as sponsors. We explained that we would only be interested in promoting an event at which we were performing. What would be the point of putting our names on flyers for a show we weren’t playing? Well, it turns out that the production company has their own DJs that work their events so that put a quick end to any proposed “promotional alliance.” Since no details have been released about the after party I’ll be curious to see what has been arranged. Russell’s tickets were steep as shit so he better earn his fucking money. I’m also curious to see the opening comics since from what I’ve seen on youtube it seems that he performs with some pretty sharp comics.

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