technical mishaps happen to the best of us


Anjali and I played at XV on Thursday. Another gig dedicated to Indian sounds (on a weeknight!) that actually brought out a group of dancers until 2am. May we all sing the praises of friends of friends and text messages. Thank you, Alyssa. I actually played more of a bhangra/hip-hop sample set than I feel like I’ve played in years. I even forgot one of my Skillz secret weapons until the next day. For my first set I played what I thought was one of my best of efforts at a totally grooving 60’s and 70’s Bollywood breaks set. The whole time I was into it and feeling really good about the tracks I was dropping. I couldn’t hear the sound from the room because I was behind a monitor aimed at my face from a few feet away. About 45 minutes into my set my friends Connie and JC come up and tell me it doesn’t sound too good in the room. After some trouble shooting it appears that the only sound-transmitting devices that are on in the room are my monitor and the subwoofer. The main speakers hadn’t even been turned on yet. Because all I could hear was the monitor and I hadn’t left the DJ booth once I had no idea.

Now, at this point in the night most people were in the other room with the bar and they had their own system in there so things sounded fine. The few people who had been in the DJ room apparently didn’t notice anything the matter. It is just somewhat defeating to realize that the whole time I was feeling so into the songs I was playing they were being compromised to such a great extent in a way I wasn’t aware of at the time.


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