sick again in time for atlas

Oh, man. Deja vu. I was sick for last month’s Atlas and here I am still under the weather after a week of a sore throat an torrential mucus. Actually the mucoidal deluge isn’t perhaps that bad, but still, I don’t want to be sick on stage again. At least I don’t have a fever or the flu. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to nap today. For the first time in months we don’t have any guests which means I have to shoulder my share of DJing time. All week my generally sub-par condition has meant that my sickly ears haven’t even felt like exposing themselves to any loud music, so I haven’t been getting psyched by listening to tons of new music. It’s my friend Ken’s birthday so hopefully his crew will come by at some point and that will bring some joy to what might be a survivalist evening of sickly endurance otherwise.
Anjali and I are shopping for a car right now. Thank you, Jim for the loaner! If we get one in the next week hopefully we can make it up to the Bhangra competition in Vancouver, BC next weekend. Of course we will be back in time for our KBOO radio show on Sunday the 22nd. See you all around.


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