Andaz New Year’s Eve

Wow. I’m still processing last night. It is now New Year’s Day and I’m still trying to get my head around the party. Over 592 paid makes our New Year’s party the biggest Andaz of all time. Sorry to everyone who had to wait in line. There was plenty of room before 10:30pm so I have to emphasize that you don’t have to be stuck outside if you plan ahead and get there early. Unfortunately after the nightclub fires in the midwest a few years ago the fire marshal decided to reduce capacity at the Fez by 100 people. If you know how to appeal a fire marshal decision then maybe we can see about letting even more people in the doors. Thank you to Shreeyash for the magic show and demonstrating how to swallow a 5 foot balloon. Thank you to everyone who worked the night, especially Heather who had a lot to deal with at our door. Thanks to Jason and company for the photo booth and Deai for the visuals. Thank you to everyone who came out. Here’s to a fourth year of Andaz in 2006.


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