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I’ve been sick for what feels like forever. I normally have one episode of sickness a winter season. This is my second sick phase in the last two months. It’s already dragged on for over a week and I feel sicker rather than healthier. I have even been taking really good care of myself. To little avail apparently. Tonight Anjali and I are driving down to Eugene to perform at the opening night of DJ Layla’s new Something Special night at a club called Taboo. There was nothing like that when I went to college down there in the early ’90s. There was no dance club at all. One club, John Henry’s, had an occasional dance night, which was fairly empty the one time I went. There was the gay club Perry’s, but I don’t remember any dancing there the one time I went.  There may have been some super mainstream club somewhere in the valley, and because there was never a chance in hell that I was going to go, I have since forgotten about it.

We’ll see what the crowd is like. The worst aspect of Eugene are the thousands and thousands of fraternity and sorority types. Not sure how much this is their hangout. When I lived down around the frat houses I was quite used to being screamed at from the houses and screamed at from their cars. Lots of mindless male aggression. When I would walk even a few blocks from my house to a friend’s I would be screamed at the entire time. It was quite intense. The first Persian gulf war was happening at the time and that hyper-masculine thirst for violence and conflict seemed in full effect in that segment of Eugene’s population.  I can only assume it was because I had long hair at the time. Hardly seems like a good reason to be verbally abused in public at high volumes.

I’ve been paranoid about having to perform sick ever since Anjali and I did our New Year’s Eve gig at the Medicine Hat in 2000.  It’s a fear I always have which never materializes.  Well, it has finally happened.  Add to that a four-hour round trip journey and a full work day tomorrow after getting home after 4am.  Uggh.  I’m afraid I’ll be getting worse before I get better.  I hope not.  I don’t want to miss out on the season of eating while I’m forced to sip lemon juice in a corner.  Uggh again.  I hope all of you are doing much better than I am.  Take care.


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