Still sick


It’s been 13 days now and I still feel sick.  Throat still hurts.  Saw a naturopath and she said I’m doing great compared to most of the people she’s seen who got the bug.  She said its often turning into bronchitis.  I’ve been able to keep the symptoms pretty manageable despite being so woozy and lethargic that I only worked a few hours last week.  Hope you all are staying healthy.

I did have to DJ sick in Eugene.  I didn’t realize until after the gig that school was out which means about 20,000 less peopls in the area.  It was a very rainy night, and except for the tribal dancers and their supporters it was  a very empty club in which we performed.  Seeing as how I was sick, and it was a four hour drive in pouring rain, it seemed a character building exercise more than anything.  Thank you to DJ Layla for having us down to open her night, and we hope future nights build more of a crowd.  At least I got to hear Anjali drop some killer Balkan stuff in her set.  And dredge up the classic “Preeto De Ghar.”  Blast from the past!

Stay healthy, y’all!!


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