Turbo Tabla show at Holocene packed to the gills

Wow. Our Atlas show featuring Turbo Tabla sure packed them in. 369 paid! That makes it out best Atlas since Anjali and I played our return gig from our Indian vacation. Thank you to Karim and Claudia for performing and David for help on promotions. That’s only the second time we’ve had live percussion at Atlas and what a nice sound that is. In some scenes it is de rigueur for Indian or Middle Eastern percussion to accompany DJs who play “world” music. Other than Ferhan Qureshi who played our one year anniversary most of what I’ve heard has been really hit or miss. Karim (Turbo Tabla) can definitely play.
Unfortunately in many respects the night resembled my occasional DJ nightmares. When we got to the club we were missing essential cables that I had left at the Fez Ballroom at the last Andaz gig. This is the second time that has happened and what a scary feeling that is. Fortunately Mikey Love came through in a pinch. Hi Heather and KC! Then once I was on stage I kept having songs come in so quiet it was like dead air and cold water thrown on the dancefloor. Even when I thought I was compensating by adjusting the volume level of the incoming song I kept experiencing embarrassing moments of quiet sucking at the dance floor energy like a leech. I should add that I’ve been nursing a sore throat for a week. I’ve always had nightmares about getting really sick before a big gig. Here I am on an exceptionally tall stage (I don’t like being on stage anyway.) going on right after Turbo Tabla in front of a packed room. My sore throat which I was trying to keep from blossoming into a full-on cold/flu was threatening to do just that all day. I was woozy and tired and sweating under the stage lights and then cursed by volume discrepancies and awkard transitions. Like I said, just like one of my nightmares. Thank you to those who stayed with me and my apologies to those who were stifled in their attempts to get off on the dance floor. I promise, I can do better. The good news is my illness feels a lot better this morning. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the night such a success.


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